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Cooking Up Cultures, LLC has been in operation since 2014 providing educational materials to over 500 adults, children, families, social organizations for the purpose of learning about food systems, languages and cultures of our diverse, delicious world.

School Curriculum

School age students learn about the world of food! The WHOLE ecosystem of food so that they are empowered to be food influencers, not simply consumers.


Topics span the food ecosystem and highlight fifteen world cultures who are experts in various topics. Some topics include:

 - Agriculture & Ag Tech

 - Food Waste

 - Food Diplomacy

 - Molecular Gastronomy

 - Entrepreneurship

Approved for public school credit in Texas.

Informal Curriculum

Cooking Up Cultures Informal Curriculum is focused on language acquisition and cultural education. Materials are provided to social organizations, book clubs, dinner clubs, and municipal recreation centers.






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